Make up

I offer services in make up suitable for various situations.

I have experience with all kinds of photo shoots. For example I can do make up for modeling photo shoots inside a studio as well as photo shoots outside. Other than that I offer make up for private events like weddings and parties, and can do all kinds of make up depending on the situation and your needs.

If you want to know more information about possibilities, prices or have any questions at all please contact me through the contact page.

Hair Styling

I offer a lot of different hair styles for all kinds of situations.

Want your hair to look as great as your make up? I can help you pick the right hair style to go with the make up of your choice. Of course it is also possible to do only hair styling.

If you have any specific wishes or have a certain image in mind, please send me a message with a picture attached so we can discuss the possibilities.

Model portfolio shoot

Do you want to build an impressive portfolio? Maybe we can help you.

Together with professional photographer Andy Astfalck I will help you build your portfolio. I will do the make up and hair styling so you look perfect and Andy will make sure you get the right pictures. Together we can make a great piece of work to help you on your way to a professional career. We will listen to all your needs and will make sure you get the results that you have in mind.

If you would be interested in building your portfolio please contact us with your specific needs and wishes and then we can discuss together how we can get the results you desire. For more information please visit this page.




Maybe we can work together and help each other?

To me my portfolio is never finished. I am always looking for skilled photographers, models, stylists and designers to collaborate and help each other build an amazing portfolio. I am open to all kinds of styles and photo shoots.

If you would be interested in working together and helping each other please let me know!


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